Business Loan

This product is for all business customers.
  • Turnaround Time 72 hours
  • Loan Less than or equal to 20,000 no collateral/lien over Fixed Deposit or Saving
  • Loan above 20,000 provide Collateral
  • Two guarantors (Salary earners)
  • Loan for all legal business activity
  • 12-60 months repayments

The Benefits

The benefits include the following:
  • Access option that is suitable
  • No restrictions
  • Easy access to funds
  • Either salary or not
  • Loan for all legal business
  • Simple and flexible repayments

How to Apply

You will need to gather the following requirements before you can apply:
  • Must have operated account for six months
  • Fully Completed loan application form
  • Provide two existing salary workers as guarantors
  • Provide valid photo ID (NHIS, Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID)
  • Cash flow statement to cover the period of the loan
  • Three years audited financial statement or statement of affairs
  • Mortgage over landed property
  • Form A and certificate of registration