Farmers Loan

This product is designed for farmers to acquire loan for commercial farming.
  • Bullet /Installment repayments
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Duration is 60 months maximum
  • Depending on the amount collateral is needed
  • Collateral – Yes depending on the amount
  • Minimum of six months account operation

The Benefits

The benefits include the following:
  • Loan insured
  • Easy and Convenient, repayment is due on Maturity
  • Simple to arrange
  • Interest is easy to calculate
  • Gives you a lot of flexibility (60 months maximum)
  • Easy to Access
  • Easy repayments

How to Apply

You will need to gather the following requirements before you can apply:
  • Provide two existing salary workers as guarantors
  • Provide one passport picture
  • One valid natioanl ID card (NHIS, Voters, Drivers license, Passport)
  • Fully completed Farmers Loan Application Form
  • Send completed Savings Account Application form together with all the above mentioned documents in person to any of our branch network offices or email all documents to: and any of our front-line officers will get back to you shortly.