Traders Helpline

A group savings and loans scheme designed to encourage small and micro unit enterprises to acquire loan to expand their businesses as well to encourage them to save.
  • Formation of groups
  • Frequent visitation by field officers
  • Free education on business issues
  • Group mutual guarantee system
  • The group must have a minimum membership of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10)
  • The group must have at least three leaders (Chairman, Secretary and treasurer)
  • The group must undertake viable income generating activity

The Benefits

The benefits include the following:
  • Access to funds instantly
  • Easy to budget
  • Flexible terms of repayment
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Free business advisory services

How to Apply

You will need to gather the following requirements before you can apply:
  • Three (3) most recent salary payslips
  • One valid natioanl ID card (NHIS, Voters, Drivers license, Passport)
  • One passport size picture
  • Fully completed Traders Helpline Application Form
  • Send completed Savings Account Application form together with all the above mentioned documents in person to any of our branch network offices or email all documents to: and any of our front-line officers will get back to you shortly.