In order to provide world class services to our clients, Amenfiman Rural Bank undertakes Express clearing of Cheques as well as Express transfer of funds to and from other banks.
Open an account today and you can make deposit via cheque which can be cleared that same day and credited to your account. We can process cheques from across the country and with all banks that are recognised as taking part in the clearing process. Walk into any of our branches and have your cheque cleared in the shortest possible time.
Our clients enjoy the peace of knowing that they can receive money from anywhere within the country into their Amerb Account within a matter of hours using the GACH. Direct payments from SSNIT, Mining Companies, Insurance Companies etc.
We acknowledge the fact that most of our clients are business oriented individuals and hence with this service and some others, our clients can also send funds from their Amerb Account to accounts with Banks all across Ghana.
Amenfiman Rural Bank understands and appreciates the need to expose our clients to a wide variety of products which can serve them at a particular point in time.
To this end, we offer E-zwich and Mobile Money services to our clients. We have partnered with MTN Ghana and are providing the Mobile money service to clients.
Our clients have the convienience of choosing from Moneygram, Western Union, MTN Money, Airtel Money, ACH (Direct payment into & from any bank in Ghana), Apexlink (Direct payment into/from any Rural Bank in Ghana) e.t.c
These services are able to serve our client each in its own unique way and Amenfiman Rural Bank runs these services with streamlined efficiency.