Talent Management and effective succession planning is an essential Human Resource faculty which contributes greatly towards gaining competitive advantage in every organization.

We at Amenfiman Rural Bank believe that for an insitution to work towards its goals and objectives now and in time to come, this faculty must be well unveiled and developed. To this end, Amenfiman Rural Bank, Ghana’s leading Rural Bank on thursday, 4th December, launched a premier training program for its staff called the “AMENFIMAN TALENT ACADEMY PROGRAM (a-TAP)”.

The program introduced by initiative of the CEO with the help of the Board of the Bank would be a tiered two – yr program and would bring together staff from various departments and branches, roles and responsibilities. The a-Tap aims at developing staff of the bank to take up higher roles within the bank and any other bank worldwide thus making AMERB “The Go-to-Bank” when it comes to sourcing seasoned and excellent people that have the mettle to take your bank where it needs to go.

The a-TAP seeks to open up opportunities for hidden or suppressed talents in all faculties of the bank to gain access to the necessary support needed to realize and develop their career ambitions.

The launch program which was attended by Board Members, The CEO, some external bodies and members of staff at the Main office in Wassa Akropong. Staff were excited about the program and the enthusiam in which this was expressed was quite overwhelming. All concerns raised by staff were taking into consideration and resolved within the course of the program. It was made clear that all members of staff are encouraged to apply for entry into the program especially female members.

During the launch, Mr. Moses Ampong, the Vice-Board-Chairman made it clear that considering the fact that the bank’s staff strenght is mainly of young people, the a-TAP would be a highly competitive program. The young bankers of Amenfiman Bank need to realise that hard work pays off. The Board believes in the Capabilities of the young staff of the bank and has approved the a-Tap to further their development. The CEO is a typical example because initially some people perceived that he was rather young for the role of the CEO but since assuming the position, his performance has been excellent.

The mission is to create a group of people that would carry the vision of the bank into fulfilment by occupying key positions when vacant. To make the process fair to all, line managers would not be allowed to select their choice of people. Potentials who believe they have what it takes would apply for entry. The selection process itself is developmental and thus participants would have a feel of their current level of strenghts and weaknesses by the time that the assessment process is done. Participants would stand to benefit even from the selection process.

The program begins with an open, fair but robust identification process to select between 20 to 30 high- performing and potential leaders from a pool of over 260 employees as the bank’s next generation of leaders through an effective Talent Development Program to be known as the AMENFIMAN TALENT ACADEMY PROGRAM (a-TAP)
The curriculum of this program will blend self-learning, instructor-led classroom learning, various assessments, coaching and mentoring, in addition to practical job shadowing and attachments.

The Instructors or coaches will be top accomplished internal Subject Matter Experts and seasoned External Consultants who know the bank’s culture, vision and passion for success in Rural and international Banking World.
a-TAP would involve a Two-year Development Program which would bring together individuals with different strenghts, knowlegde, experiences, skills etc.

Some of the The strengths of the program and how it can lead to our goal accomplishment would be;
1. A core business process and critical component of the overall talent management effort is to steadfastly ensure that:
2. Most critical roles in the organization are held by the most capable leaders
3. The organization is developing a pipeline of leaders with the values, knowledge, skills, & ability to execute today’s and tomorrow’s business priorities.
4. Colleagues also feel supported to realize their career aspirations leading to reduction in regrettable losses.

The most important aspect of the development process comes not only from what the Bank teaches but also from within the emerging leaders themselves.
After the two years program, the Bank must evaluate attendees’ performance, retention and promotion rates. Using criteria like (1) consistency in performance , (2) behaviors and (3) passion, to determine the success of the program and placement of Talents in their desired future roles in Amenfiman Rural Bank.

This thursday, 17th Decembember is a special day for Amenfiman Rural Bank. It is the first day in the history of the Bank that staff would be reporting to work i n traditional outfits. This is being done in preparation towards AMERB Praise 2015, a special Church Service at Dunwell Methodist Church Wassa Akropong. The program this year has been dubbed with the theme “Celebrating the Lord’s Goodness”.
The program would have other special events like a Live Radio Music Ministration, Keep fit session, Intercessory session, and would be crowned with the church service on saturday evening. We are expecting staff from all
Staff have expressed their support for this program and this thursday promises to be a very colorful day for Amenfiman Rural Bank. We would be bringing you pictures via our website and our facebook page “Amenfiman Rural Bank”.
Amenfiman Rural Bank has won 3 Golden awards in the 2nd week of December 2015.
First of these Awards was Received at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi where the Bank won a gold place in the National Excellence Awards. This award was in recognition of the Bank’s Contribution in improving the lives of people within their catchment area as well as helping small and developing businesses within the said areas.
The Second award was given by the Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration (CIDA). This award was received on the 12th of December by the CEO, Mr. Asmah. This award was given in recognition of the Bank’s contribution in improving the lives and its contribution to humanity within the Bank’s catchment area. The CEO was inducted as a fellow into the CIDA.
The Last and definitely not the least of these awards was the International Millennium Medal 2015 which was awarded in connection with the Bank’s contribution towards the achievement of the nation’s Millennium Development Goals. The most prominent of the MDG’s that the Bank featured in were;
1. Reducing Extreme Poverty
2. Reducing Low Education Levels
3. Reduction in Child Mortality
4. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

Mr. Asmah commented that the hard work was not done by him alone and that his staff deserve a lot if not all the praise for their contribution towards the achievement of these awards.

Amenfiman Rural Bank would be having its end of year church service on 19th December 2015. This year’s program has been dubbed Amerb Praise 2015, Celebrating the Goodness of the Lord. The program this year has been packed with a lot of programs and events and would commence from thursday, 17th December 2015 with “AMENFIMAN GOES TRADITIONAL – THURSDAY”.

On the traditional thursday, staff across all the Bank’s branches would goto work in outfit that would protray the tradition and culture of Ghana. Staff have expressed a high sense of passion towards this program and it is assured that this thursday would be a very colorful day in the life of Amenfiman Rural Bank. Staff across the branch network have voiced their preparedness towards making this thursday a memorable one for the cherised customers of the bank by looking their best and serving them with the best that customer servie can offer.

On friday 18th December, the quest artist, the unbreakable Joyce Blessing would have live song ministration on 3 radio stations along with other singers. The radio stations to tune in to are Rivers FM, Apollo FM and Kasapreko FM.

AMERB Keep-fit would be on LIVE this saturday at 5am as staff, shareholders etc join hands and exercise through jogging exercises, aerobics etc. There would be a football match this saturday as well.

On Saturday evening, ther program would be held at the Dunwell methodist church, Wassa Akropong at 6pm sharp.

Press release
Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly(EBA), Oxford, UK, the International Community of business leaders and academics, global ranking, consulting, marketing and publishing centre, the international ‘Prime Business Destinations: Investment, Innovations, Business Process Improvement’ forum was held on the 29th of June, 2016 in Bad-Ems, Germany.

Realizing its mission to provide practical dialogue via business development and networking between professionals, leading regional companies, investors, and regional executive authorities, EBA gathered together successful regional businesses and institutions from 22 world countries. The best regional businesses with solid professional reputations shared their success stories with the target audience of companies’ CEOs and decision makers, and received well deserved European recognition from EBA experts and international business pools.

AMENFIMAN RURAL BANK LIMITED is one of the best-known names in West Africa financial industry. The quality policy of the company aims to supply distinguished service in banking system and a high level of customer satisfaction.

EBA is proud to present AMENFIMAN RURAL BANK LIMITED as a leading industry provider.

AMENFIMAN RURAL BANK LIMITED has been awarded the Best Enterprise Award by the Europe Business Assembly for their strong position in the national market, the bank’s status in international ratings, the utilisation of modern management technologies, high staff qualification levels and a successful marketing strategy.

The Best Enterprise Award project was established in 2000 to present the best regional companies to European business society. The main purpose of Europe Business Assembly is to highlight prominent companies and assist with their further promotion and entrance into the EBA community, along with assistance in attraction of partners from across the globe among EBA members due to the growing chain of subsidiaries and partners in 60 countries.

Award nominees are carefully selected by the EBA professional research team. Winners are determined though our ratings research, which includes media, social networks, internet, news and open statistic data analysis, as well as the recommendations of social organizations, institutions, Chambers of Commerce, branch associations and unions, educational institutions and the Experts Survey.

Mr. Alexander Kwadwo Asmah, CEO, was honoured as the Manager of the Year. Europe Business Assembly wishes
AMENFIMAN RURAL BANK LIMITED further successful development and rapid growth in the future.

Amenfiman Rural Bank has opened a new Branch in Sefwi Wiawso of the Western Region of Ghana and has since begun intensive operations within the area.

Amenfiman Rural Bank has already maintained its presence within Sefwi Wiawso with the Microfinance product of the Bank, providing credit access to SME’s, traders, market women and other small business operators. Since the inception of the Microfinance program within the area, the programme has grown quite extensively and currently covers areas past the sefwi area.

The New branch is an ultra-modern facility with amenities that have been selected to impress customers of the Bank and provide them with the comfort that they need. The Branch would continue to operate the microfinance programme along with all the products and services of the Bank.

Management of the Bank is quite happy with this move because, Sefwi Wiawso is a very vibrant business location and banking services are required to ensure that businesses grow and perform well to the betterment of the community. With this in mind, Amenfiman intends to make itself available to its already existing customers in this area, and push their agenda of gaining access to the unbanked population within the region in order to improve access to credit and financial services.

The Manager of the Branch, Miss Lydia Oduro, has promised to go the extra mile in making her branch the preferred Bank for all the people within the Sefwi area and its environs.

Amenfiman Rural Bank has moved from its previous location in Bawdie, which is a town that is between Tarkwa and Ayamfuri and Asankrangwa. These are very important towns in the Western Region and the towns strategic location cannot be understated here despite its small size.

Amenfiman Rural Bank used to be in an OK facility within the area and providing world-class banking services to the residents of Bawdie as well as people that would occasionally transit through the town on their way to Tarkwa, Asankrangwa and Dunkwa.

Currently, the branch has been moved to an iconic new building that has placed a smile on the faces of its customers within the area. With more than enough parking, and banking area, the Bank has made a move to increase its activity in the area by increasing access to credit to its cherished customers, mostly farmers and businessmen who would need such credit especially getting to the close of the year.

The Manageress of the Branch, Mrs. Perpetual Naana Ackaah, has made it clear that her team is in to continue the good work and relations that the bank has maintained with the people of Bawdie.

The Microfinance office has also moved to the new facility in a bid to make themselves more accessible to their customers who are within the Tarkwa, Asankrangwa area. This move would definitely increase the ease of access to credit by residents of the area.

Amenfiman Rural Bank of the Western Region of Ghana, Wassa Akropong has won an award from the World Confederation of Businesses – WORLDCOB at the Bizz AMEA 2017 awards ceremony in Dubai. This is the 2nd time that Amenfiman Rural Bank has received such an award from WORLDCOB in recognition of the Bank’s contribution to businesses within its area of operation.